Singapore Roasters Forum 2019

The objective of this forum is to provide an open platform for the sharing and exchange of knowledge between coffee professionals that will propel the specialty coffee industry in Singapore forward. 

For our inaugural event, we want to focus on the theme “QUALITY”. We want to explore what “QUALITY” means at the different levels of the supply chain; how is “QUALITY” sought, what does “QUALITY” entail, how is “QUALITY’ consistent etc. and these topics will be discussed by fellow professionals in mini-lectures. We hope through these lectures, attendees will take away renewed perspectives that will benefit themselves, their businesses as well as the industry.

The Forum is a whole day event and will be held on Saturday, 12th October 2019 at:

Glyph Supply Co.
111 Somerset Rd,
Singapore 238164

We are excited to share our list of esteemed speakers, who will in turn share their experiences & knowledge of the coffee industry.


0800 Registration

0830 Welcome address

0845 Quality Through Relationships – Adryll Lin (Mercanta Coffee)

0930 Introduction to Roasting on Stronghold Roasting Machine – Glyph Supply Co

1015 Cupping for People’s Choice Awards

1130 Lunch

1230 Competition Roasting – Regina Tay (Founder – Bearded Bella)

1315 Improving Quality in Vietnam – Will Frith (Founder – Building Coffee)

1400 Quality Control in Your Roastery – Ben Toovey (Australian Roasting Champion)

1445 Coffee Break

1515 Encapsulating Quality – Andre Chanco (Founder – DrinkMorning & Yardstick)

1600 Compulsory Cupping 

1700 Results

1730 Roast Profile Sharing by Top 3 Roasters

1830 End of Forum

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Refreshments will be provided for the coffee break.